What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a mechanical process. It can be applied to an existing slab or recently poured one. The process starts off by grinding the cream(the top part of the slab where there is little to no stone or aggregate) down to your desired exposure. This is done by using HTC grinders that have planetary heads with diamond bonded tools attached to remove the concrete. From there its a process of removing the scratches left from the previous diamond tools until the shine is at your desire effect too.

How much does Polished Concrete Cost?

Polished Concrete or floor preparation is priced according to a square meter rate. This are is done by measuring the length and the width and multiplying them together. Generally the more square meters you have the less the price will be. Its also varies on what kind of exposure of aggregate you are after and how much gloss you desire as well. Give us a call to schedule in a free quote.

Can we do Polished Concrete Benchtops?

Yes! If its concrete we can refresh it and give it a modern look.

Polished Concrete Outdoors?

Honed Concrete for the out doors is the most sustainable and it has the least amount of maintenance. Perfect for around the pool area or driveways. Exposed concrete pathways around the house have never looked better as well.

Floor Tile Preparation?

If polished concrete isn't the desired look you are after and tiles are swaying your way. Then we can rip the old ones off or whatever is there now and prep the floor for the tiles. Glue Removal or vinyl removal we are the ones for you.

Garage Floor Preparation for Painting?

Yes! Scratching up a surface is easy for us to do. perfect for the epoxy of your choice to bind to.